Sticky buns – countdown to Lent

Since it is getting closer to Lent or Fastnacht we need to store up some energy to make it through to Easter. I have been craving good old-fashioned sticky buns like they serve after church in any basement of any Lutheran Church in the Midwest. I have not eaten a sticky bun since long before I moved to Norway, so to say it was 20 years ago is a safe estimate.

Norwegian "sunshine balls" or solskinnsboller

Norway has a similar sweet roll but it is drier and easier on your waist line. Missfryd has a wonderful example as illustrated in this picture.

But they are just not sticky enough.  So I turned to Google, my smartest friend, who turned up plentiful recipes and pictures. There were 2 pictures that looked particularly sticky and delightful.  Surprisingly, they were both made from the same recipe so I thought I would give What’s cooking America Harvest Cinnamon roll recipe a shot.

Great step by step instructions and pictures to guide you through and details about how to freeze etc. Mine turned out perfectly and I have some more in the freezer waiting for next weekend. I hope the smell of butter and cinnamon have dissipated by then.

2 responses to “Sticky buns – countdown to Lent

  1. Mmmm, that looks good. I’ve approved you for the expat blogger forum, so feel free to log in and have a look around and introduce yourself on the introduction thread, if you feel inclined to do so.

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