Loco for Lomo

Ever since I first saw the title sequence for the TV show True Blood I wanted to get my hands on a Lomo camera.  When we were in London this past fall I was lucky enough to find the perfect one at the Lomography shop just off Carnaby Street. They were so helpful and loaded the camera with film so I could get shooting right away. Before you know it I had used up all twelve of my shots and had to rewind my film. Ah h the nostalgia.

Getting my pictures developed has proved more difficult. So 4 months later I finally have some analog pics to share from our trip to London.

I love the picture of the Les Miserables billboard, one of the 4 pictures that turned out.  I think it is going to take me a while to get the hang of this camera and we definitely need to find a source for quicker developing.

There are many ways to achieve this look without a lomo camera though. Seems like my new Sony cyber-shot does the same thing in low light (see picture of camera).  If you are a Photoshop whiz you have this covered but for an amateur like me I like to pimp regular digital pictures with  Camera Bag app . The Lolo filter will give you pretty much the same effect plus others that are equally fun!

What do you think?

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