Seed catalog love

I have been browsing seed catalogs and picking out what to have in the garden this year. Last year we had great luck with Physalis so they are on the top of my list. We managed a few cobs of sweet corn despite late planting and the tomatoes were marvelous!

Things that grow in the ground like rutabaga, leeks, and radishes are out because of the slugs and crawly bugs, although I would love to do salad in pots this year. Maybe we could do some prep work to cut the creepy crawlies. Mmmm that is an idea. While I am planning the plants and plotting pest assassination, I can at least enjoy some indoor color.

When I have gone through the catalog, I have over 30 types of seeds and 15 different bulbs on my order-form, many hundreds of dollars of tiny packets and knobby bits. The veggie garden is only 10 square meters and really, why would I plant perennials in someone else’s garden? I do hate to cross anything off my order though. How could I choose one over the other?

Years of experience tells me that the order-form will lie around a month or so end up in the recycling bin and I will end up buying over priced soulless plants at the grocery store. It is too bad because I will not find anything as exotic as the purple cosmic carrots or the atomic reds I am mooning over now.

What do you think?

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