Thrifty February

We have been to the flohmarkt in Aurich and Emden this month and I just have to mention the culture difference between these two cities.  Aurich is a more well to do area – you can just tell by their houses (bigger) and their unemployment stats (lower). We have been a couple of times last summer and they seem to have nicer things than their counterparts in Emden.

We had to wait almost a half an hour in line to get into the flea market but it was worth the wait.  We found some nice dealers with fair prices and fun things. I was so happy when we found a lady who sold white porcelain bisque. When I asked if it was Bavarian she stood up and started ranting that she did not sell junk and hers was only the finest quality porcelain.  Ooo kay.

Apparently my affection for the “junk” from Bavarian is unappreciated.  Is the Bavarian stamp like “made in China”? Well, I have enough of these now to check.  I have  Kaiser, Rosenthal, Edelstein and Bareuther Waldassen. The last three from Bavaria and dagnabbit if I can see the difference between them. Although I do see that Kaiser fetches a better price on Ebay I still love them all equally!

What do you think?

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