Thrifty January

Back in Germany after a nice stay in Norway and ready to shop. Well, if it was not for one annoying detail, empty bank accounts.  Christmas does take its toll and since I don’t believe in credit cards (anymore), I have to get my kicks from thrifty shopping this month. Thank goodness the Germans love digging through others discards as much as I do. The flohmarkt this month had my favorite vendor: the tablecloth lady and lots of new faces.

The down side with the Emden flea market is the overwhelming amount of clothing.  Today there was one excited fellow trying to sell his old work boots.  He had a nice selection from tan to black and all with steel toes. All well-worn so you knew they were of good quality. Well, that was his argument at least.  I guess he had an empty bank account too.

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Since I have work boots I moved on to the Spritzdecor trays that I so adore and a nice Bavarian Bisque vase that looks like a tree truck.  I struck it lucky with a Neuer Schnitt from 1959 that the seller claimed I could use the patterns since “everything old is new again”. I think it would be vandalism to remove the pattern from the magazine but maybe I could carefully copy them and make myself some proper housewife clothes.

I haven’t had a house dress since I was in high school, often paired with a Bundeswehr tank acquired at the local thrift shop, keds and skating buddies.  As a devoted mid-west skate punk groupie we had strict wardrobe requirements. So bringing a nice house dress back into my life would be a nice addition to my well orchestrated mid-life crisis.

Want to learn more about house dresses? Check out this article from the Fashion Incubator

3 responses to “Thrifty January

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  2. I really want to meet the tablecloth lady!! As far as the housewife apparel, I thought sweatpants and a nice, “sexy” hoodie were all that were required 🙂 I did recently purchase a super cute April Cornell apron that I just love. You may be the only one that I confess that to. Keep posting, enjoying every word!!

    • Thanks Kimberley! Sounds like I need to check out April Cornell, aprons and house dresses are kissing cousins!

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