Do you have Lattissima envy?

I did. And then we had to go buy one.

I pooh-poohed it. Saying it was an environmental bomb. A gimmick. I even read several consumer reports that reassured me that the best espresso I can get at home is from my very safe, analog Bialetta espresso cooker.  I was a bit smug about it.

You see, I have issues with espresso machines.  I had a fancy machine from Krups with espresso, steamer and coffee maker all in one. It was really nice and in the pre-Starbucks days, a rather unusual item to have.  My roommate at the time with her Italian heritage guiding her was making a couple of cups for us before we ran off to our ever so important entry-level positions. In the rush, something went wrong.  The filter cup holder did not lock properly in place and when the 15 bar water pressure build up the filter cup holder blew off. There was espresso EVERYWHERE and my beautiful friend was covered with little brown pieces and in a state of shock.  There was espresso on our 9 ft ceiling, the cupboards and the floor was like a trip to the beach. Cleanup was a nightmare but the shock was worse. Needless to say, I was reluctant to buy another electric espresso machine.

But then I got a nice, warm, frothy cup when visiting a friend and again the longing for a taste of continental life. I saw the commercial and really, to be honest, who can resist George Clooney? So I started working on hubby and he is always a hard sell.  A couple of months and some cups later, he was ripe for the picking and we headed out to electronic super store.

I like single purpose items. I dislike the effect on the environment but they always do the job better than multi-purpose items. I appreciate my egg-cooker, my toaster, my juicer, and now my Nespresso Lattissima. We packed away the coffeemaker and just pump out perfect little cups of espresso.

I was not particularly fond of the capsule holders I had seen at the store and was wondering where I was going to store the 100 little casings that came in the mail.  They are a bit delicate and tossing them in a drawer could easily lead to punctured foil. So I went poking around the house and since I collect things that you can put things in (i.e. baskets, tins, barrels, buckets), it was not hard finding one that fit nicely on the counter.  This tea tin stores about 100 or so capsules and the handy guide so I can check the strength of the capsule. It’s hinged lid makes access quick and easy.

But after a couple of cups, I got a little bummed out that the portions are so small.  I have really big coffee cups and it just seemed wrong with just a little in the bottom of my cup. Our German manual was useless to us so if what I am telling you now, is going to make my machine explode, please tell me! I really don’t want that to happen again.  I push the button twice.  I don’t change the capsule I just push one more time and some brown water comes out and my cup fills up.

But I do hate all the waste connected to the product.  The beautiful packaging, the free shipping with DHL and the aluminum capsules that make my metal recycling garbage wet. Next time that nice customer service lady from Nespresso calls to ask if I have any questions about the product like she did this week,  maybe I can mention that.

4 responses to “Do you have Lattissima envy?

  1. I can’t live without mine.
    Programming the quantities isn’t too difficult – hold in the delivery button for your choice of drink until you have as much as you want then let go.


  2. I love my machine too have had it for a couple of years… I did learn something though recently and have been telling all my friends that have the machine too.

    I also wanted a big cup. You can make an “Americano coffee” like you are doing by continuing to push the button, but if you eject the capsule before you hit the button a second time it will taste so much better by just adding the hot water to your cup. If you pull any more than 2 oz through ana espresso variety or 4 oz through the Lungo capsules you are over extracting the coffee and are adding a little burned/ kinda bitter taste. I started doing it this new way and although I thought it tasted fine before it tastes soooooo much better! You can test it by smelling it. Pull the suggested 2 oz or less through a capsule in one cup, then in a second cup, and even a 3rd cup continue to pull through that capsule. Then smell each cup’s aroma. You be the judge.

    The buttons I found out are actually meant to be re-programmed (if you want) to be less than the factory settings, for a more intense flavor.

    If you want more too the Fortissio and Vivalto Lungo blends can be pulled longer, they are like a large espresso. They are my new favorites.

    Hope that helps.

    Bethany in TX

    • Thanks for the great tip Bethany! I did the test and you are right – it’s much better adding water than squeezing brown drops out of the filter. Less bitter and better aroma! Thanks a million!

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