Last week we took a little trip to Bremerhaven which is about an hour north of Bremen.

Hubby had some business and I wanted to see the Klimahaus which I had heard so much about.  Klimahaus is an exhibit that follows the path of 8° East longitude along the globe. It illustrates the climate differences by simulating  temperatures of Antarctica, Sahara as well as the Rainforest, dress lightly Niger is lovely but not with a woolly pullover on!

If you want to see the entire exhibition plan on spending 5 and a half hours.  It is a very hands on place and wonderful for kids but also very enjoyable for curious adults.  The last exhibit is a lovely collage from the school children who have visited all laid out like a rainbow.

The Klimahaus structure itself is like something from outer-space and conveniently right next to 2 large indoor shopping centers.   We will definitely return as we only had 2 hours to rush through and Bremerhaven has a lot of other museums and activities to offer.

What do you think?

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