Fall gardening

The weather has been windy and rainy but today there was a glint of sunshine and I really wanted to do something outside.   Tried to rake but too soggy, tried to finish the edging I started on last year but that was exceeding my level of ambition so I planted some color for the beds around the dam.  Lovely begonias, heather and cabbage to give a bit of pink to the rather dull green landscaping. Well, it was dull until the sun came out and then I had to get my camera.  I would have liked to see more red leaves just to break up the mustard yellow but it was still pretty.

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When we were in Amsterdam I picked up some Amaryllis bulbs at the flower market that were as big as a melon and I finally got 2 of them planted. The others are coming with me to Norway so we have something pretty to look at during our Christmas holidays.  I got instructions a mile long how to care for the Amaryllis but the guy at the shop  just nudged me and said “just put them in garden soil and bring them in mid November, they make it sound so complicated”.  I have faith in the man on the floor so that’s just what I did today.  I have also been nursing some Paper-white narcissus and Hyacinthia from last year that just got topped up with some nutritious soil from our veggie garden.

If you are looking for some unique bulbs you can order direct from The Amsterdam Tulip Museum, they even ship certified bulbs state side.

One response to “Fall gardening

  1. As stunning and exciting as the summer garden is, there is something so peaceful and restful about the fall garden. It’s a whole different kind of beautiful. Your photos are fantastic and really capture the feeling of fall. Today I will enjoy the last nice day in a string of amazing fall days we’ve had here before the temp drops into the 40’s. Thanks again for the coffee break! I’d like to use your photos as my screen saver 🙂 Keep on posting!

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