Out to dry

I have read with shock and amazement about certain community associations in America, up in arms about clothes lines and drying clothes on them.  Now, I am not one to advocate airing ones dirty laundry but clean laundry is a whole different matter. There are entire product lines based on the smell of line dried linens. Why would we prefer to buy a candle that smells like fresh air instead of imparting this smell into our lives but actually leaving clothes hanging up outside?

America uses 25 % of the world’s energy with only 4 % of the world’s population.  What if Americans dried half of their loads on a clothesline? Think what a difference that would make to energy consumption or the money that could be saved.  It is staggering.

With all the problems in the world are there really such small-minded people who have problems looking at clothing hanging out to dry?  The “Hang ’em out to dry challenge” last month seems to have struck home with some but wouldn’t it be nice to see Associations repealing this clause in their bylaws.  It seems to be a real limit on personal freedom as well as being environmentally fiendish. I would completely disagree that clothes hanging outside is unattractive, quite the opposite, that colorful clothing can cheer up a fall garden.  Certainly a pretty clothes pin holder from Made with love by Hanna could not be disputed.

I have noticed there are some unwritten rules for hanging out your laundry. In Norway, almost anything goes apart from hanging out your laundry on Sundays – that is a big no-no! But you will see people airing their dirty duvets out their bedroom windows if it’s sunny and nice (but not on Sunday). No one is going to believe that – does anyone have a picture they can send me of this phenomenon? I found one here.

That would definitely not do here in Niedersachsen where I see a lot of clothes lines.  I almost drove off the road one day after seeing some of the biggest white cotton panties EVER hanging out in the front yard.  That’s a bold move.  But they always have their laundry in by dinner time and the clothes line taken down.  A place for everything and everything in its place.

Join the fight for our right to dry clothes outside by adding your name to Project Laundry List on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for the movie Drying for freedom or check out the trailer.


The mother nature network
The hilly billy housewife

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After seeing this on The Colbert report I was very disheartened, as well as amused, Colbert’s a funny guy. Have a nice weekend!

3 responses to “Out to dry

  1. I love this posting! I have a vintage clothes pin bag too and there is nothing better than the smell of line dried linens. I am a quality linen junkie. For some it is shoes, for me linens and vintage fabrics. I love looking out from my home office window at my line of sheets or towels billowing in the wind. Thanks for yet another fabulous break from my day. Your blog is like a mini getaway and I look forward to every new post. Thank you! Now back to work…

    • Linens yes! I have a small collection of printed tablecloths from the 50’s. I love their snazzy colors and how many washes have given the fabric a certain softness so they fall perfectly over the table edges! I haven’t met many people who collect linens and usually am alone sorting through piles at estate sales. Cheers to a kindred spirit!

  2. Thanks for linking the story back to Transition Voice. You have a great blog. If you’re ever interested in submitting an original piece for Transtion Voice, we’d love that. Maybe it’s an expats take on life in Europe versus life in the US concerning energy, or economy. Or maybe just domestic life…or anything else you might dream up. We’d welcome a submission.

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