Amsterdam partie deux

These stickers were all over Amsterdam. What can it mean?

A few weeks back, we were lucky enough to have guests that needed a lift to Schiphol for their flight home. Even though Amsterdam is only 3 hours away, it was a great reason to spend the night. We stayed at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza,  City Center which had lovely aromatherapy sprays waiting on the pillow to be used for a restful night’s sleep.

The new show Totem from Cirque du Soleil is in Amsterdam until the end of December and we got to see the show shortly after it opened. We were captivated by the talent of these performers and would highly recommend the show. We forgot all about the pillow spray and fell into a deep sleep in the most comfortable hotel beds I can remember and with all the traveling, we did this past month that is many lumpy beds. I am pretty sure I dreamt about running away with the circus and learning to juggle.

After departure, we were back to the city to see if they still had any nice shops in Amsterdam. With my handy Amsterdam: Made by hand guidebook we were off to explore the nine streets, which I never did find on my last trip despite my efforts.

I snatched up some lovely recycled tins from Juffrouw Splinter and Raw Materials which will be cataloged shortly. It struck me that shop after shop in this area had a mix of old and new in their inventory. Designer clothing stores with vintage shoes and interior shops with old bits stuffed next to the new bits. I love this trend; it makes everything seem more authentic.

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We walked until our feet throbbed but could not find the Chinese foot masseur and then it was time to head back to our sleepy little hamlet.

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