August thrift shop finds!

I missed the good markets here in August but I did thrift in Norway during our Work Camp. One of the shops had shelves full of wrinkly Finnish glass candle-holders from the 70’s, that suddenly struck me as attractive if grouped.  This is an easy item to find at any shop in Scandinavia and made a glowing addition to our scantily decorated TV room.

Before we left for Norway we  had scoured antiques stores in Germany looking for some cupboards. We finally found two wonderful pieces from the Grunderzeit period.  They are huge and I fit my crystal, dinner service and all the wonderful pieces I inherited from my grams in their roomy shelves. It looks so nice – I think she would be proud.

Both cupboards were disassembled and took up very little space in our VW Transporter. I even wondered if they have tricked us at the store and omitted a cupboard from our order. But nay, all is well! They went all flat, apart from the drawers and are held together with only 4 bolts. It was an amazing process of putting together the 100-year-old furniture pieces. Even Ingvar Kamprad would have been in awe.

The cupboards are carved and ornately decorated. I love the characters that are placed on the drawers and below the cornices.  One of them is even sticking his tongue out at me! So now every time I go past it I stick my tongue back at him. It is very therapeutic.

Another one of my finds and actually my favorite of all was the Norwegian Housewife’s manual published by the Teknisk Forlag in Oslo, 1960. It was published in two volumes and has a practical vinyl cover so it can easily be wiped clean.

As a full-time housewife, I have found it immensely helpful and am improving daily!  Although the manual does not address the issue of letting the computer eat an entire day from your calendar or how to cope with rationing new episodes of Glee. It does make me feel a little more Betty Draper (Mad Men) than I have noticed previously.

I will be sharing tidbits from the Housewife’s manual as time permits but my daily schedule is grueling with all the airing out, dusting and matching my season appropriate dress to my facial shape. I guess even Betty Draper gets a little worn out.

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