Summer salad nr. 2 – Swedish chicken curry salad

This recipe we discovered on a three-week road trip around Sweden some 8 years ago.  I had plotted out every arts and crafts store in southern Sweden and hubby drove us diligently from one place to another in a borrowed camper.

There are 3 food experiences I remember from the trip.  Peanut doodles (like cheese doodles but peanut butter dust instead of cheese dust), licorice ice cream and Chicken curry salad.  The latter is the salad I have recreated for this post and of course our dinner.

The chicken curry salad came on everything! At the Ekelund factory we had chicken curry salad on a steaming baked potato, at the Orrefors factory they put it in a baguette and on Öland they served it on pasta. My favorite stop on Öland was the Paradise workshop were I got some of the wonderful ceramic eggs they make! Which reminds me that it might be time to go back.

We have settled on our own variation with rice as our preferred starch as the juiciness in the salad makes a nice sauce for the rice.  I serve the rice warm and the salad cold and think it is a good contrast.  Any good rice will do such as basmati, jasmine, natural or wild.

Now, I will be the first to admit that this salad does not photograph well.  It looks like yellow smush, sorry that I couldn’t capture the cheeriness of this dish.

Chicken curry salad

Shredded chicken breasts (boiled with 2 garlic boats)

Fresh mango – chunked

Fresh or canned pineapple in juice

Canned Mandarin

finely chopped shallots

add fruit and some juice to the warm shredded chicken breasts

add curry powder until you get a bright yellow color, I have sometimes used saffron to improve the color or Norwegian gurkemeie (Curcuma longa L.).  NOTE: If you are using a spicy  curry powder such as Madras Curry powder, color the dish with a milder curry. I have also tried Pataks Curry paste in varied strengths but was not pleased with the texture it gave.

Sea salt – to taste

Fresh ground pepper – to taste

Chili pepper flakes

Chili powder

Let these flavors meld in the refrigerator until cool.

When cool add sour cream, crème fraîche or yogurt cheese -to moisten.  Whatever you have or prefer will do.  I have tried all of them with good results.

Serve on rice and garnish with roasted cashews (if you need the MUFAS).

Non-salad loving hubby gives this also an 8 on a 10 point scale!

Guten Appetit!

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