Summer salad nr. 1 – Salmon Mango salad

Summer is all about salads in our house.  Things that can be made ahead and picked out of the refrigerator when the day cools down and the appetite awakens.  During a trip to Stavanger I ran across Déjà Vu Delikatesser where I had a lovely salad which I have tried to recreate here.


Field salad – I used red leafed for a little color
Fresh mango – chunked
Fresh cantalope – chunked
Smoked salmon – in pieces
Sweet peas in a pod – chopped
Sprouts – preferably crunchy type
Shallots – finely minced
Cayenne and Chipotle pepper flakes
Fresh ground pepper
Sea salt

Toss above ingredients in a large bowl


Balsamic vinegar
Squish of lime juice
Salad Olive Oil
Dijon mustard

Mix well

We didn’t have wasabi paste to mix in the dressing but we did have wasabi potato chips which are very spicy.  I crushed some over the salad. I would also consider Wasabi dried peas or Wasabi covered peanuts as a nice  spicy / crunchy addition.

Hubby isn’t a fan of salads or salmon (the dislike of salmon is due to an overdose from several years of commuting on Scandinavian Airlines in the early 2000’s) but this salad he gave a 8 on a 10 point scale.

Bon Appetit!

2 responses to “Summer salad nr. 1 – Salmon Mango salad

  1. Hey am here again!………….going to try your salad recipe. The picture looks mouthwatering though!

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