Matjestage 2010

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We had to check out the Herring days in Emden and thought we would save the fun until Sunday.  Maybe we should have checked the weather report before we set off.  After we had parked the car it started pouring. I am pretty sure that we are both caught a horrible cold while we were splashing about at the festival.

I would say Matjestage met my expectation of a german festival.  Like the christmas markets it seemed more like a carnival than culture, with its ferris wheel, flammable teddy bears, and deep fat fried brussels sprouts!?!

I just don’t get it.  The more charming the country is the more tasteless they are.  You have to agree that Germany is a lovely place with pretty houses, beautiful architecture, yes, yes but good taste – noooo.  They are guilty of gilding the lily.

We wandered around a bit and soaked in the sights and smells of the festival. We have been and seen but I don’t think I would make the trip again.

The ompa band was very cute though dressed in their lederhosen and the Shanty choir in their sailor costumes.

What do you think?

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