Can I leave my flowers out now?

They say you should wait until after night-time frosts have subsided before you put your pretty perennials out on display but this year I don’t know if I want to wait anymore.  The weather is nuts here.  We have day time temps between 10 – 22 and night-time between 2 – 15 degrees Celsius and it is nearly June.

I  was at the garden store last week and picked up some pretty flowers.  I think the yellow and burgundy goes well with all the brickwork here.  In Haugesund,  the natural palette has more gray tones from the slate but here everything is a warm reddish brown.  My husband’s boss commented once that everything in Germany is either green or brown (trees or bricks) and so far I can’t find a reason to disagree.

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2 responses to “Can I leave my flowers out now?

  1. Those flowers look beautiful. Are those gerberas I can see – the huge, colourful daisies? They’re gorgeous, anyway.

    • Hi Helen – I don’t know what these are called but they are not gerberas (which I love dearly). I had never seen these before. The leaves are like rucola but waxier and very substantial with undersides in grey. The flowers are also very stiff and waxy and they close up when the sun is not shining on them. I planted them in my flower beds so we will see how they do with the other flowers, they have survived the cold patches we have had.

      If I see them at the garden store I can get the name and post it here. 🙂 Or maybe someone else knows?

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