Asparagus season

We are 2 weeks into asparagus season and have devoured lovely albino bunches.  I think hubby loves it more as a vessel for Hollandaise sauce, I am learning to appreciate the subtle nutty flavor of the white asparagus.

The first night we had it as a side dish but it is gradually taking over our plates.  The perfect springtime meal in Germany is lots of asparagus, new potatoes, thinly sliced ham either fresh or dried like prosciutto served with, of course, Hollandaise.

My mother swears by microwaving asparagus to get it just right and I agree that this works very well for the tender green sprigs but the vampire asparagus needs Julia Child’s expertise to get it just right.  Julia recommends boiling the asparagus with one half of a lemon and salt until it is just tender about 10 minutes.  We popped for an asparagus pan with a strainer which is wonderful – just dunk, boil and drain.

There are a few more weeks of abundant asparagus and I see no sign that we are getting tired of it.  Although I am starting to suspect that it the draw is the rich and creamy Hollandaise!  Bon Appétit!

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