A visit to das Grosser Meer

Coming from Minnesota “the land of 10,000 lakes” I have seen a lot of lakes, not all 10 000 mind you,  but I have seen a lot. From the convenient city lakes of Harriet and Calhoun in Minneapolis, with just enough action to windsurf  to the beautiful lakes of the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota which allow water transportation across most of the state.

So when someone calls a lake “large seas” or Grosser Meer,  I have high expectations.  I start to image Lake Superior with ships and choppy waters.  Grosser Meer is actually 460 hectares or 1.7 square mile which by any estimate is not a very large lake.  The entire lake is between 20 to 40 inches deep. But what Grosser Meer lacks in water volume they make up for in marketing and construction.

Bedekaspel is a village on the lake with several restaurants, a hotel and hundreds of vacations homes.  The homes are not situated on the lake but cleverly crafted canals afford everyone waterfront property. You can rent a paddle boat, canoe, sailboat or windsurfer or bicycling on the miles of trails.  Accommodation is easy to find around the lake whether it be camping, hotel or weekly cabin rentals.  It’s not natural but it’s charming.

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We have dubbed the lake “little big sea”.  Today we are off to a flea market in Leer and a bicycle trip to a neighboring village.

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