The butt of all jokes

According to When in Germany, do as the Germans do by Hyde Flippo smiling for no reason is a sign of brain damage or low intelligence.  So trying to fit in I have tried not to smile, it has not been easy and in the last 2 months I have actually developed frown lines.  Then I noticed, that most people in this area smile .  What could this mean?

Well, before I had too much time to ponder this there was a knock on the door.  Before me stood a Norwegian women sent from ?(God?) to answer all my questions.  Grete has lived in my neighborhood for 7 years and had a fantastic grasp of what is what, in this little part of the world.  She told me that East Frisians are victims of harassment from the rest of Germany – and yes, it is because of the smiling.

They are purported to be feeble minded.  In the same way that the Norwegians pick on the Swedes (and visa versa) and the Minnesotans torture the Wisconsinites, the age old tradition of harassing your neighbor continues.

As with all good traditions you need jokes to illustrate how truly inept the other party is  thus the “Ostfriesland Witz” or “East Frisian jokes”.  I have translated a couple of the jokes from Witzcharts and would love to hear more if anyone wants to share their favorites!

The lady at the movie theater box office asks, “Isn’t this the third ticket you have bought?”
the Frisian replys: “Yes, but the man at the entrance, keeps tearing it up.

A Frisian goes to Bayern for his holiday.  In his hotel room is a mirror on the wall.  He sees himself and is surprised.  He grabs the mirror, packs it up and sends it with a note to his parents which says : “Look how nice the Bavarians are! They even have a picture of me hanging in my hotel room. ”  When the parents open the package the father sees himself in the mirror and says to his wife: “My God, our son is old now!”  The mother looks over father’s shoulder in the mirror and says: “No wonder he looks so old, he took that old bitch with him! “

What does a Frisian do, if he gets a hole in his boat?
He makes a second hole, so the water can run out.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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