Playing in traffic in Eastern Frisia

If while driving along a country road in Lower Saxony you see a gang of drunken men throwing balls, never fear, you have happened upon a game of the people, boßeln (pronounced boosel).  Boßeln is played on the road and is a weird mix of boule and bowling.  Played in teams with 2 different kind of balls, distance and precision are key, as your friends don’t want to spend the afternoon digging in the ditches for the ball.

Norwegians claim to be born with skis are their feet, East Frisians say they first learn to walk and then learn to play Boßeln.  I haven’t seen that many games with children but I have come across many groups with a ball in one hand and schnapps in the other.  Seems to me that boßeln is a great party sport.

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Boßeln is played on country roads in East Frisia and versions of this game are also played in parts of Italy, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, USA, Ireland and the Netherlands. Anyone played boßeln before?  I would love to hear about it!

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