Frujahrsputz – Spring puttering

We are back in Emden after a wonderful Easter vacation in Haugesund. Today we had 15 degrees Celsius (59 °F) and wonderful sunshine even though according to the maps we should be covered in ash. We took a trip to the garden center yesterday and purchased a garden tiller and today we tilled, hoed and raked.

Finally we have caught up a bit with our neighbors who are, as I have mentioned before, very conscientious and never have an untidy garden. We took a trip to the garden store and bought tomato plants, aubergine, cucumbers, sweet peas, corn, blue kohlrabi, leeks, red onions, red peppers, rhubarb, strawberries, caraway, and 2 rosemary plants to replace the giant bush that didn’t survive the winter.

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I didn’t forget my plan to make a plan. I am still hashing out the details of that while Birch pollen has made me sleepy and because a wonderful friend has gotten me hooked on Glee. Birch pollen is almost over and I only have 7 episodes left of Glee until I am caught up to the Madonna show. Then I will be back in / ready for my new routine.

GartenTag in Campen and a FleaMaxx Flea market in Aurich tomorrow which will round off our busy Frujarhsputz weekend. Happy Spring everyone!

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