Watching paint dry and other ways to pass the time in Emden.

A wonderful, exciting thing that happens here in Emden is the finishing of a cruise ship. Papenburg has a shipyard where they build and repair ships, big cruise ships. To get out of the shipyard they have to navigate the Ems River. The width of the ship obviously cannot be wider than the river but they are constantly pushing the limits.

Watching the ship cruise out to sea brings out the schadenfreude in the natives. I think everyone wants to see the newly painted ship scratched on the dikes. Apparently, the turnout is so high that it creates a bit of chaos. Rumor has it the media or Meyerwerft or someone else spreads misleading information about when the ship is expected, hopefully reducing the crowds.

Hubby was out checking out this phenomenon and got some pictures of the Eclipse creeping down the river. After getting a sausage and not seeing any progress, he went home to watch a football match. However, it looked like it would be a long night for the others.

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Eclipse squeezes down the river

Photos courtesy of hubby

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