Giving up for Lent – conspicuous consumption!

We have a luxurious life!  We have everything we need and a little bit more.  What we need is more restraint!  The past half-year we have been on a shopping spree, furnishing the house and it has also affected our regular consumption. We keep shopping.

I don’t know if it’s because of all the space in the house or lack of something better to do but it has to stop!  So even though we are not catholic we are adopting one of their better traditions and giving something up for Lent. Shopping.

We will not buy anything that we don’t need and as a safety valve we have redefined our use of the word need.  Something we need  is now defined as an “essential”.  We have plenty of food in the cupboards and I would like to see us use up what we have and just supplement with a few items.  Hubby loves this idea of saving money around the house but that’s not really what I am looking for.  I want this to hurt. I want to scrap and scrimp and make sacrifices.  See how little we can use – just for the fun of it.

Germany has been hit hard by the finance crisis and the contrast between our consumption and our neighbors is striking.  Almost embarrassing.  So we are cutting our monthly spending budget down to 500 Euros per month.

In our neighborhood there are several neighbors that work at the Volkswagen plant. According to World Salaries the average employee at a manufacturing facility makes 2 569 Euros per month.  None of the women in our neighborhood work so that would be their total family income. Mortgage, electricity, gas, water, taxes etc so I would not be surprised if 500 was around the amount that they have each month to play with.

I am really going to try – but it’s not going to be easy.

5 responses to “Giving up for Lent – conspicuous consumption!

  1. My friend Sol doesn’t think I can do it – this only makes it more exciting.
    So far today I haven’t used any money. Didn’t buy anything on iTunes or ebay – no new books on the way from Amazon.

    This is going to be easy!

  2. Wonderful that I have friends that ARE catholic and inform me that Lent started the 17th of February this year, 29 days before my post. So to be perfectly correct I need to not shop one month past Easter.
    I am doing really well so far – well within budget but when you have stock piled for years it’s really not hard. I should do this every year!

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