Happy International Women’s Day – Cupcake challenge

There are a lot of things I could put forward here about inequality but I would be posturing because I am privileged enough to live in a part of the world where we have luxurious problems. In Norway, a popular inequality argument is that nurses have a comparable education to engineers but are paid just a third. In the US, women complain about a glass ceiling keeping them from their goals.  I haven’t been in Germany long enough to understand their issues but based on my neighbors, I would say issues revolve around banalities. I think women’s issues in the privileged, developed world have stopped here. We have everything else.

We blog about cupcakes and shop in “lifestyle” stores.  We love thrifting, but mostly because we can buy anything we want and just want to seem down to earth.  We live a superficial life filled with luxuries that we don’t notice or appreciate. A cupcake is a great symbol of our state of mind.

I wouldn’t want you to misunderstand.  I love cupcakes. But NO ONE needs a cupcake. It has no nutritional value and has more decoration than substance and it is shockingly one of the most popular blog topics.

In the blogosphere as elsewhere beauty conquers over content, but surely Google will yield different results?

No such luck.  Cupcakes occupy twice as much of our digital thoughts than 2 very prominent women’s issues of our time.

Now, I am pretty sure that women victimized by trafficking or genital mutilation use  little time thinking about cupcakes.  Further I would suggest that women who are digitizing thoughts about cupcakes spend an equally small amount of time thinking about women victimized by trafficking or genital mutilation.

We have different issues. But the theme this year “progress for all” suggests that we all need progress, where I would suggest that we need to get everyone to the same level.

It would be nice if we could do something about that unevenness.  If us “cupcakes” could do something to help the women suffering from trafficking or mutilation.

So this year for Women’s Day I propose that  instead of blogging about the cupcakes you served at your Oscars party – you do something different.  Something with substance, something that nourishes and then write about that.  Would that be just as fun?  Or am I just depressing you?

I would love to hear if anyone accepts the cupcake challenge. I have planned to listen again to Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and making a donation to the local women’s crisis center.

International Women’s Day UN Secretary General speech

Sykepleiere skal ha ingeniørlønn
Bør ingeniører få høyere lønn enn sykepleiere?
Do we need an International Women’s Day?

4 responses to “Happy International Women’s Day – Cupcake challenge

  1. Thanks for your kind words Barkha! Your Women’s Day post was in the same vein! Nice to see that there are others concerned about real womens issues!

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