Moving to Germany

As I have mentioned before our house was unfurnished and hubby’s company has paid for all the furnishings but you cannot really make a house a home with all new things, can you? We brought some personal items from Norway but one of the best things about being stationed in Germany is the great low shipping costs between the US and Germany. Finally, a chance to clean out my parent’s basement and get all that “junk” that has clogged up their storage room over the years.

We have shipped full and half containers before and it was a painless operation. The company we used last time was no more and I needed a new shipper. So I Google “moving from Minneapolis to Emden” and came across a site that sends your info to several companies so you can compare prices. That was my first mistake.

The only company that responded to my request had a reasonable rate and I promised to get in touch with them as we got closer to our “move” date. I went home early for Christmas to get things ready for the move and as the move date approached I contacted the company and they were more than happy to accommodate me.  The quote I had received was no longer valid but they send me a form where I should check off all the items I had, and it would calculate a cubic feet estimate, which would be the basis for the new quote.

I am by no means a math wiz and my space perception is maybe a little off, so when I get a quote of 1200 cubic feet for 2400 USD I am thinking that this is a great deal. My moving consultant urges me to rush my payment to them to guarantee space on the boat and I wire the money to this company in Florida.  Second mistake! Late that night after everything is sent, I get a sinking feeling, and on a whim I Google the company. Oh no!

  • Do Not Give a Deposit: A mover that demands a deposit upfront likely has an agenda other than securely moving your belongings – like taking your money and running. If a mover demands a deposit, move on to a different company.
  • Do NOT Pay Cash: Paying cash is asking for trouble. When you pay cash, there is no evidence of a transaction. Therefore, if your things aren’t moved, or even worse, you don’t get them back, you have no evidence of ever having paid for service.
  • Do Not Sign a Partial Contract: You would never sign a loan agreement, pre-nup or binding contract of other sorts with blanks; the same rule applies for moving contracts. Make sure the contract is complete and all filled in before signing anything.

Source: Allied

The company I had just transferred 2400 dollars to fulfilled all the qualities of a Rogue Mover.  Panic!  Hubby thinks I am already a dingbat and now I have “lost” our hard-earned money. What to do? Well, my mom is not one to be messed with when it comes to things like this. After a long pep talk, I had acquired the sufficient amount of indignation to call and express my concerns about the numerous blogs dealing solely with the poor service from this company. Not to mention the alarming amount of reports against them to the Florida Better Business Bureau.

I talked to my consultant and expressed my worries and he said he would have his manager contact me. Not more than an hour later a woman called and said they would be happy to refund my deposit. She was of course shocked that I would believe any of these claims because they were are very honest company with many happy customers. Well to make a long story a little shorter, it all worked out in the end but it took almost 2 weeks before the refund was finally posted to my account. However, we were running out of time, and getting ready to leave for Germany. So much of our vacation spent stressing out about suspected Rogue movers.

After a recommendation from friends, I called the reliable Allied Moving and they took care of everything! They came and packed everything into 2 lift vans and the drama was over and the shipment on its way. Oh wonder be! Last week we got a call that it had cleared customs and they were ready to deliver! Everything was perfect, not a single scratch on anything! While Allied is not the cheapest moving company in the world, they are experienced and professional!

Yeah Allied!

Here is a list of what you need to look for in a moving company.

What do you think?

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