Where to shop in Niedersachsen and surrounding areas.

We had visitors recently and I did some research about where the best shopping was in this area. Emden city center is a huge disappointment.  It has closed many doors and has an odd collection of “we have everything you need stores” which as a rule have NOTHING I want. Not to mention, the shops are spread over 6 short blocks and not a decent restaurant in sight.

I knew that my savvy, stylish friends would be having none of it.  They want to lay down some Euros when they are here and pack their suitcases to RyanAir’s limits.  So, I set out to find somewhere worth the trip.

Shopping in Leer, Germany was a success with January sales making prices amazing, relative to the Norwegian kroner. Leer has a long walking street and good parking at the beginning.  The parking garage had a bowling alley and when we were done with our shopping we stopped off here to appease the wonderfully patient children that had shopped with us.  What did we used to say?  A good time was had by all! To drive: 31 min

Aurich, Germany has a charming city center filled with shops and lots of bakeries and cafés. As well as the standard chain stores I found a shop with some home interiors things and a place to buy my favorite shoes El Naturalista. To drive: 35 min

Winschoten, Netherlands has a charming walking street with merchandise similar to what you would find in Norway only more reasonable. This is actually where I have found the most fun stuff.  Great interiors stores and a good selection of clothing stores but not the large chains.  To drive: 47 min

Oldenburg, Germany is supposed to be wonderful!  We haven’t been to the center yet but I can tell you all about their IKEA. To drive: 55 min

Groningen, Netherlands We all agreed that the best looking men were in Groningen.  Sorry no pictures of the cute kid that helped us at the trendy jeans store. Lots of good stores and a market with typical market things.  The flower market is a great place to pick up your weekend bouquets for a pittance.  To drive: 1:11 min

Some of the benefits of being an expat

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