Bikes are a big deal here.  Not big deal like people need titanium frames and a fancy brand.  No, I mean big deal like, people need them and use them, not just collect and consume.  They really use their bikes.

Bicycle friendly paths and cities are probably a big part of the popularity.  I would love to see this type of commitment to eco-friendly transportation in my hometown of Minneapolis or my other home in Haugesund, Norway.

We are planning a bicycle tour this summer and this route caught my fancy:

The 3-lakes-route – a cycling tour for enthusiasts

Cyclists can experience three popular lakes in Northern Germany in one go on a tour through the Oldenburger Münsterland in the city triangle of Bremen-Oldenburg-Osnabrück.

Now I’m not so sure what I have to be enthusiastic about.  I love lakes and vacations and bicycling is fun – but does that make med an enthusiast?  It could mean that I need to be a cycling enthusiast which makes me a little nervous.  But there are plenty of routes to choose from should this one prove too ambitious.  Niedersachsen is completely flat so it’s not like biking in France or Italy with all the rolling hills so it’s probably just far and far is OK – as long as you have enough time.

One things for certain is the need for a super-duper bike to haul all my vacation stuff with me.

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Bicycle trips ideas in Niedersachsen? Go to Niedersachsen tourism.

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