Home for the Holidays

I love coming home to the Twin Cities!  For a city in the Midwest, Minneapolis / St. Paul and surrounding suburbs pack a punch of culture and diversity.  Not what you would expect in the middle of the dairy belt.

I spent December roaming around the cities looking for Christmas presents at the Mall of America and Galleria. Thrifty finds at Hunt and Gather and the Shops in Hopkins– what  a blast! We saw a very campy Cinderella at The Children’s theater company, a wonderful hockey game, checked out some subtitle FREE movies, ate a burrito at Chipotle, Chicken salad at Chili’s, 2 for 20 $ at Applebees, Egg Foo Young at Fongs and UMBRIA SUPREMIO at Umbria Gourmet Pizza.

We took a road trip looking for Pinnekjøtt and ended up at Ingebretsen‘s. You can’t tell from their website but over half of their store is a butcher shop / deli specializing in Scandinavian meats and other delicacies.  Lutefisk and picked herring are big sellers this time of year but we also ran into a man who was trying to appease a Danish exchange student with liver pâté.

No surprise that January will bring lots of low cal cooking and maybe even some exercise!  Yikes!

What do you think?

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