“Let them fight! It’s Christmas!”

I love Hockey!  Maybe it’s because I’m from Minnesota with all our wonderful frozen lakes or that I have some deep seated hostility that I need an outlet for?  Maybe its both,  but I love Hockey.  I love the quick pace and the sound of the puck on the ice.  I love the danger of maybe getting a flying puck in the forehead.  I love the  slamming into the glass and most of all I love the chance of a fight.

We caught the Wild vs Avalanche game last night and even though the Wild took a hit, it was a great game! 18 000 spectators at the Xcel Energy Center a wonderful atmosphere with the red and green Wild jerseys decorating the arena for Christmas.

My husband, a very civilized man, admitted somewhat timidly that he too wanted to see a fight and then looked at me a bit  strict, like I had broken a commandment.  I had to clarify that -yes I wanted to see a little blood on the ice BUT that the blood should come from maybe a broken nose or lost tooth and  definitely not a cracked skull!   That seemed to ease his conscience a bit as we booed the referee who broke up the fight.  But the best was the kid behind us who screamed with deep felt emotion “Let them fight!  It’s Christmas!”.

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