Dusseldorf weekend

We spent last weekend wandering around the Christmas market in Dusseldorf and watching  the World Cup FIS Ski Cross-Country sponsored by Allrounder .  The 1.5 kilometer sprint takes place on imported snow down along the Rhine.

We found a bunch of Norwegians waving flags and cheering for the Norwegian men and were lucky enough to meet a group with some inside information.  That made following the race even more fun! Of the six finalists 4 were Norwegian and it was a very exciting race with the  Norwegians coming in second and third place.

After the professionals were done and the medals awarded , it was time for the Santa race.  Santa’s of all ages competed for the privilege of sitting in the VIP lodge for the next days events.  The cutest little boy was still on his warm up round when the other Santa’s were heading for the finish line.  Some of the Santa’s had given up entirely and were just photographing the others coming down the hill.

This is a great winter treat – we are doing this again next year!

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