Photo project nr. 1: Selective Perception – Assignment completed

I took photography in High School with a borrowed single lens reflex camera.  Yeah, I thought I was pretty cool – hanging out in the dark room and pondering exposure times. But unfortunately my skill level was pretty average and my budding photography hobby ended there.

In 2001, a renewed interest in photography was spurred in action. We got our first digital camera, a Kodak with 2 mega pixels that weighed 1/2 kilo!  That year we vacationed in Tuscany and Provence and I photographed everything!  To get the most pictures on the memory card I reduced the quality and rendered all the pictures unusable.  Ouch!

Hubby got a digital SLR camera for his 40 th because he was also a closet shutter bug.  I am hoping that we can improve the quality of the enormous amounts of photos we take in the course of a year.

I subscribed to dPs and get weekly tips for improving my shots.  My first project is to pick a theme and photograph everything that meets the specified criteria for a month.  My theme is a color, specifically the color orange.  Maybe because I picked orange counter-tops for our laundry room or because its fall but orange is the nr. 1 color of fun for me  and I have been snap happy for everything in the hue between 0 – 50.

In captivity, people do weird things.  For the next few months my thing is taking pictures of orange things and trying to make them interesting. I will be post pictures as they are taken.

Some pictures are taken with the Canon EOS 350D  (8mp) but most will likely be taken with my Nikon coolpix 210  camera (also 8MP – but a whole different quality of pic) because I have this camera with me everywhere!

What do you think?

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