Flohmarkt – January 2010

New flea market finds at Nordseehalle in Emden.  This time we were a bit earlier so we got a much better parking space.

flohmarkt nov 6 002

Tupperware was again a hot item for us. Some old and some new but tupperware never really goes out of date.  Some of it goes out of production – I am pretty sure the rolling pin and pastry sheet are “old school” .  The rolling pin is an empty tube that you can fill with hot or cold depending on what you want to do with the dough. I am looking forward to filling it up with ice while rolling out sugar cookies!

The wooden specked rooster and hen is an all time favorite with me!  I have some prints at home with the speckled foul  from a market in l’isle sur la sorgue and these reminded me of them.

The pile of fabric contains some treasures that are destined for haugesund to be transformed just like magic.  Today’s flea market damages are around 95 Euros, mostly because a wet eyed woman convinced me that I should compensate her for her poor vision.  The cost of  her embroidered picture actually increased while she explained that  she had to use a magnifying glass to complete it.

OK, I’m a sucker for a good story.

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