What’s the occasion? Philip Morris’s birthday?

As a foreigner in a foreign land there are many things I wonder about.  Like why does everything here smell like onions?  Why are quilted vests so popular here? and most pressing why the heck are my neighbors decorating their yard with packs of cigarettes?

What holiday warrants these decorations?

Do they celebrate lung cancer in Germany?

4 responses to “What’s the occasion? Philip Morris’s birthday?

  1. I saw this type of scene as well and was puzzled. This morning, I saw a bunch of socks hanging in front of an apartment. I asked one of my co-workers, and he said it is this area when a man turns 25 to decorate his house with socks. Something about old men are called “old socks”. I asked him about the cigarettes. He said that is for a woman turning 25. She is called an “old carton”.

    Another co-worker has confirmed this region’s tradition. Also the man or woman involved must be single. If they are married, they are spared.

    • Thanks a million for the explanation, Andy! Now I feel a bit sorry for the “old carton” down the street. Maybe I should pop in with a gift?
      I will keep on the look out for more aging people in my area.

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