Turkey meatloaf

In captivity, people do things they normally do not i.e. Stockholm syndrome. In my normal habitat I heat up things or order takeaway.  Not really much time for cooking but now all I have is time.  Well not only that, I still have charm and grace but I have a lot of time too and have started playing around in my one butt kitchen.

Yesterday turkey meatloaf was on the menu.

Turkey Meatloaf


Ground turkey
handful dried cranberries (rehydrated)
handful cooked brown rice
handful of chopped mushrooms
handful of chopped leeks
1 chopped celery stalk
teaspoon chicken bouillion
lots of twists on the Weber Kick’en chicken spices


Squish together and smush into a bread pan.

Top with chutney and pop a meat thermometer in.  Place in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for around 2 hours or until poultry temperature is reached (90 degrees Celsius).
I split some squash and baked them alongside the meatloaf and heated up some green beans in the micro.

Got a thumbs up from DH (Dear hubby) and thats not easy when there is no gravy involved.

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