Getting closer to furnished

We have all the essentials now.  Things you must have to live in the house.  We have chairs and sofas and forks and Tupperware.  We don’t have Norwegian TV yet, but thats not really an essential, or is it?

The house  built in the 90’s is inspired by a Bauernhaus.  Featured in a German home and garden magazine, it oozes charm. Sitting on its 3 acre lot surrounded by a hedge of pink rose bushes, it’s adorable!  …and then we went and furnished the darn thing with Ikea.  100% flat pack re-hydrated furniture.

Seems like a shame to me, but thats the deal.  So I guess I will just have turn my designing eye away from the style clash and go eclectic, eccentric and  do the opposite of what my instincts are telling me.

Well at least they have a Habitat in Dusseldorf so we can clash with a little pizazz.

What do you think?

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