a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

and then a step back and then a step forward…and then a little side to side…

Well thats at least how it felt. We planned to leave for Germany on Saturday evening via Fjordline ferry from Stavanger, Norway to Hirtsals, Denmark, which is  a night ferry departing around 7 pm and arriving around 6 am,  but at 11 am on Saturday we got a SMS that the trip was canceled due to bad weather.  What to do?

The next boat leaving for Denmark was on Sunday from Kristiansand, Norway.  So we booked  passage on Color line‘s Super Speed Ferry,  for a 3 1/2 hours trip, also traveling to Hirtsals departing Sunday morning at 8 am. Which meant a 5 hour drive from our home in Haugesund, Norway.

It was quite rainy from Haugesund to Kristiansand which slowed us down and the drive took us 7 hours.  Which gave us a little time to sleep before we needed to queue up on the quay at 7am.

Super Speed

Super Speed

Color Line was not concerned about 9 meter waves – but realized during the journey that we were going to need a calmer port and rerouted to Fredrikshavn, Denmark.  After 5 hours of trying to get into the harbor they decided to return to Kristiansand, we arrived at 8 pm after 12 hours of rough seas.

Danskebåt måtte snu!

Now just to be clear, we actually had a ok time on the boat.  Neither my husband or I get sea sick so we read and ate and shopped at the Tax free and sat in the Business class section in comfy seats with our own TV screens.  In contrast, outside the business class section it looked like chaos with people stretched out on the floor and all the sick bags filling up the trash bins.

Note to self- check weather forecast before re-booking a trip across the north sea!

We did finally arrive Monday night at 9 pm.  Tired and still feeling the motion of the journey.

2 responses to “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

    • Det er stor sjanser for dårlig vær i juletiden. Ja med Ryanair er du forsinket så kan du liksom kjøre hjem igjen!

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