Putting the house in order

Getting situated.  There are many things that need to fall in place to make a house a home.  Even if the home is only temporary- It’s nicer if it’s a bit homey.  Think for a moment about all the things you have in your kitchen drawer.

I need to purchase all those things.

That’s a lot of things.

Then think about all the things you have in your home office and repeat the last 2 sentences.

Transit full of flat pack

Trip nr 2

Ikea trip nr. 5

Ikea trip nr. 5

I have a black belt in shopping.  It’s a fact, well at least that I have several black belts, that I have acquired while shopping.  Same thing.  Point is that I am good at shopping, I like shopping, normally.

But this kind of hysterical shopping, filling up an empty house so you can start living, well, it’s just not that fun.

Pimping the living room with Ikea

We made 4 trips to Ikea on our long shopping weekend and after acquiring 2 blisters and budding friendship with the ladies in the cafeteria in Oldenburg we have enough starter furniture to rest and read the paper.  After a trip to Expert and the local furniture store (the name escapes me) we have now ordered the essentials and they are on their way.

We are on our way to making a home in Emden.

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