Living in Germany – getting started

I am collecting links to living in Germany sites  – just don’t have the time now to read everything. Descriptions will come later:

Bund. DE

Germany the travel destination

Transitions abroad

The German Way and more

Just landed – Germany

Spotlight Germany


How to Germany

I think it’s comforting that there are so many good sites out there to help ease the transition.  We are traveling in a couple weeks to start the process of moving into our new house.  The company my husband works for (hereafter The Company) has rented the house for us unfurnished.  We get to fill the house with furniture that The Company pays for and are planning a trip to the nearest IKEA.  We are lucky because everyone warned us that the house will be without a kitchen but we have the worlds nicest landlords and they left the lovely kitchen perfectly intact.  They have even painted the interior for us so everything looks brand new!

What a dream  – its sort of like being a kid again.  The Company are the parents and they make sure we have a roof over our heads, have made all arrangements for utilities and pay all bills.  We just have to remember to lock the door and feed the cat.

The house is a dream – see earlier pictures.  It’s a Hansel and Gretel paradise with a thatched roof and brick siding.  The garden has been professionally landscaped but they left just enough so we can have some fun.  There is a vegetable garden,  pond with room for fish and water plants (I always wanted one of those!), a compost bin and a fun grass garden with many spiky plants.

Garden shots in Emden

The house is a short walk to the canal, so canoing is high on our list of fun stuff to do.  How cool is this?

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